The Axiom is a durable, full-featured BC that boasts amazing comfort and fit. This ADV style, wrap-a..
Ex Tax: 396.00€
The Axiom i3 is our most comfortable and easy-to-use BC yet. It is a feature-rich, ADV style, w..
Ex Tax: 577.24€
The Dimension i3 is a back inflation BC with an integrated i3 inflation/deflation system. The integr..
Ex Tax: 552.84€
The Lotus i3 is another product in our fine line of ladies BCs. It is a back inflation buoyancy ..
Ex Tax: 552.84€
The Petrel 2 from Shearwater Research of Canada is a full decompression dive computer incorporating ..
Ex Tax: 700.00€
Perdix AI 2-3 Days
Powerful, Simple, Reliable, is now Air IntegratedShearwater is proud to introduce the newest member ..
Ex Tax: 720.00€
Shearwater NERD Pre-Order
The Shearwater NERD is the first technical dive computer with a display mounted on the diver's rebre..
Ex Tax: 1,750.00€
The world’s first near eye remote display for scuba divers has been redesigned for enhanced flexibil..
Ex Tax: 1,360.00€
Shearwater Perdix OC/CC dive computer 2-3 Days
User Replaceable AA Battery (any type)Air, Nitrox, Trimix capableQuick OC bailout from CCDecompressi..
Ex Tax: 700.00€
DescriptionOriginally developed to meet the punishing demands of Navy SAR divers, the AP Commando ..
Ex Tax: 525.00€
DescriptionThe AP Travelwing is made from the same unique lightweight materials sourced to produce..
Ex Tax: 295.00€
Procean 400g Undersuit Set Complete - Over Jacket and SalopetteSpecial Offer 3 remaining Ex stock Un..
Ex Tax: 115.00€
Faber 12 Litre 232 Bar with San-O-Sub valves and rubber boot. The valve fitted is su..
Ex Tax: 245.00€
Faber 15 Litre 232 Bar with San-O-Sub or MDE valves and rubber boots. Specifications..
Ex Tax: 285.00€
AquaLung Explorer Regulator Bag New
The Aqua Lung Explorer Regulator Bag is the perfect bag for protecting your regulators and organ..
Ex Tax: 20.33€
SANTI Elite Drysuit Pre-Order
The E.Lite drysuit from Santi weighs in at only 4.2kg for an entire drysuit, this is partly due to t..
Ex Tax: 1,699.00€
SANTI Emotion Drysuit Pre-Order
The Santi E.Motion Drysuit is the newest of the Santi line is extremely flexible as the name suggest..
Ex Tax: 1,499.00€
Procean 400g Undersuit Jacket - 2 Only Size S, LJACKETmaterial 3 layers quilted; nylon outer/volume ..
Ex Tax: 77.23€
Allows connection of additional low pressure hoses to a single outlet and also hoses to be neatly lo..
Ex Tax: 24.39€
Black Witch is suitable for quick repairs of Neoprene Rips and Tears, especially where rubber is dir..
Ex Tax: 6.91€
SANTI Dry Gloves with Wrist Seal (Grey)5-finger, durable and flexible dry gloves,rugged surface for ..
Ex Tax: 30.00€
Kwark Power Stretch Pro Gloves Dry Glove Liner 2-3 Days
Divers for whom precision and dexterity is most important will love our POWERTSRETCH PRO GLOVES. The..
Ex Tax: 30.85€
We lose ca. 30% of the heat through our heads. Just after taking off a neoprene hood a wet head gets..
Ex Tax: 20.28€
Single ended 103mm Boltsnap made from high grade marine stainless steel...
Ex Tax: 8.54€
Single ended 119mm Boltsnap made from high grade marine stainless steel...
Ex Tax: 9.76€
Double ended 100mm boltsnap made from high quality marine stainless steel..
Ex Tax: 6.91€