We have a range of drysuits to suit both technical and recreational divers from Santi.

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SANTI Elite Drysuit Pre-Order

SANTI Elite Drysuit

The E.Lite drysuit from Santi weighs in at only 4.2kg for an entire drysuit, this is partly due to t..

Ex Tax: 1,699.00€
SANTI Emotion Drysuit Pre-Order

SANTI Emotion Drysuit

The Santi E.Motion Drysuit is the newest of the Santi line is extremely flexible as the name suggest..

Ex Tax: 1,499.00€
SANTI Enduro Drysuit Pre-Order

SANTI Enduro Drysuit

CLASSIC DURABILITYENDURO drysuit is made of Cordura/Butylene/Polyester trilaminate fabric with densi..

Ex Tax: 1,399.00€
SANTI Espace Drysuit Pre-Order

SANTI Espace Drysuit

The Santi ESpace stands for Enduro Space and is similar in design to the Enduro but is made from a l..

Ex Tax: 1,299.00€