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We supply a selection of wetsuits suitable for use in both Ireland and abroad.

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Aqua Lung Dive 4mm shorty

4mm AquaFlex 4-way high stretch neoprene used throughout. This is the thickness of the base neoprene..

Ex Tax: 89.43€

Sopras Freddo 7mm Jumpsuit

One Only in Stock - once gone never to be repeated!!!The Freddo is a 7mm neoprene jumpsuit .  T..

Ex Tax: 162.60€

Sopras Freddo Extreme 7mm Wetsuit

The Freddo is a 7mm neoprene universal suit, it combines a  jumpsuit and vest both in 7mm ..

Ex Tax: 260.16€

Sopras Icelady 7mm Semi-dry Suit

The Icelady is a 7mm neoprene back entry semi-dry  wetsuit designed especially for the ladies. ..

Ex Tax: 325.20€

Sopras Iceman 7mm Semi-dry Suit

The Iceman is a 7mm neoprene back entry semi-dry  wetsuit.  It features a heavy duty shoul..

Ex Tax: 325.20€