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Regulator Spares

Regulator Spares

Accessories for use with a diving regulator

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Air Inflation Nozzle

Air Inflation Nozzle, ideal for drying off your equipment, regulators or camera's..

Ex Tax: 11.38€

Drysuit Inflation Regulator

Suitable for use with air and argon, the regulator has an unbalanced piston first stage and includes..

Ex Tax: 56.91€

Duo-flex Silicone Mouthpiece

Dual material mouthpiece giving you the comfort of a silicone body with the durability of a tough bi..

Ex Tax: 6.10€

Dust Cap Din Reg Female

Durable nylon cover which protects & prevents contamination of a Regulator 1st Stage with EN-144..

Ex Tax: 2.84€

HP 90 Degree Elbow

High pressure 7/16” UNF 90° hose adaptor with a single outlet. Ideal to keep your high pressure hose..

Ex Tax: 24.39€

Longbite Mouthpiece

Available in clear or black long life silicone, ergonomically shaped and fits most regulators or sno..

Ex Tax: 5.28€

LP 90 Degree elbow

Allows connection of additional low pressure hoses to a single outlet and also hoses to be neatly lo..

Ex Tax: 24.39€

Regulator Shut off valve

For use to isolate a regulator 2nd stage in the event of free flow especially on regulators not desi..

Ex Tax: 20.32€

SPG - 100% Oxygen rated

Submersible Pressure Guage - rated for 100% Oxygen, reads to 450 bar...

Ex Tax: 48.78€

SPG - Tek Plated

Submersible Pressure Gauge - Tek Plated, 300 bar gauge...

Ex Tax: 44.71€

SPG First Stage Button Pressure Gauge

Submersible Button Pressure Gauge for First Stage ...

Ex Tax: 20.32€

Swagelock QC6 Quick Disconnect Female

Swagelock QC6 Quick Disconnect Female..

Ex Tax: 72.38€

Swagelock QC6 Quick Disconnect Male

Swagelock QC6 Quick Disconnect Male..

Ex Tax: 72.38€