We have a large range of accessories in stock for all your SCUBA diving needs whether technical diving or recreational diving.  

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Kwark Power Stretch Pro Gloves Dry Glove Liner

Divers for whom precision and dexterity is most important will love our POWERTSRETCH PRO GLOVES. The..

Ex Tax: 30.85€

Kwark Thermal Hat

We lose ca. 30% of the heat through our heads. Just after taking off a neoprene hood a wet head gets..

Ex Tax: 20.28€

103mm Boltsnap single ended

Single ended 103mm Boltsnap made from high grade marine stainless steel...

Ex Tax: 8.54€

119mm stainless steel boltsnap

Single ended 119mm Boltsnap made from high grade marine stainless steel...

Ex Tax: 9.76€

4" double Ended Stainless Steel Bolt Snap

Double ended 100mm boltsnap made from high quality marine stainless steel..

Ex Tax: 6.91€

5" Double ended stainless steel bolt snap

5" Double ended stainless steel bolt snap.  Ideal for attaching items to Bcd's, camera's, strob..

Ex Tax: 7.72€

87mm Stainless Steel Boltsnap

Single ended 87mm Boltsnap made from high grade marine stainless steel...

Ex Tax: 7.72€

Air Inflation Nozzle

Air Inflation Nozzle, ideal for drying off your equipment, regulators or camera's..

Ex Tax: 11.38€

Aqua Lung Favola Diving Mask

Aqua Lung Favola Diving MaskA generous lens shape gives the low-volume, twin-lens Favola the feel of..

Ex Tax: 52.84€

Aqua Lung Favola Set

Aqua Lung Favola Mask and Purge Snorkel setGuarantees an incredible field of visionThe lenses are at..

Ex Tax: 69.10€

Aqua Lung Squeeze Lock Knife

Aqua Lung Squeeze Lock Knife.  The Aqua Lung Wenoka series of knives offers divers the perfect ..

Ex Tax: 28.45€

Aqua Lung Teknika Diving Mask

Built to withstand the rigours of technical diving, the Teknika's two-piece shock resistant frame is..

Ex Tax: 52.84€

Aqua Lung Ventura+ Mask

Great designs stand the test of time, and the Ventura+ continues the tradition of a mask long used b..

Ex Tax: 44.71€

Aqua Shears

Scuba Diving Line or Net Cutter complete with Nylon Webbing Sheath. Extra strong and corrosion resis..

Ex Tax: 11.38€

Aqualung Shot FX Fins

The Shot FX is a high-performance fin designed especially for women.It takes the best concepts of th..

Ex Tax: 97.56€