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Lumb Brothers

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4" double Ended Stainless Steel Bolt Snap

Double ended 100mm boltsnap made from high quality marine stainless steel..

8.50€ Ex Tax: 6.91€

5" Double ended stainless steel bolt snap

5" Double ended stainless steel bolt snap.  Ideal for attaching items to Bcd's, camera's, strob..

9.50€ Ex Tax: 7.72€
MGE Moray Ratchet Reel 45m 2-3 Days

MGE Moray Ratchet Reel 45m

Ratchet Moray Reel 45 Metres of line, this reel is made in the UK..

37.99€ Ex Tax: 30.89€

MGE Ratchet Reel 50m

Ratchet Reel MGE 50m, made in the UK...

60.00€ Ex Tax: 48.78€

Tektite Strobe 200

Tektite Strobe 200Tektite strobes are the choice of scuba divers, military, fire fighters and outdoo..

64.99€ Ex Tax: 52.84€
Tektite Strobe 3500 2-3 Days

Tektite Strobe 3500

Tektite Strobe 3500Strobe 3500™ is the durable, polymer version of our popular Strobe 3500™ XL Exped..

99.00€ Ex Tax: 80.49€

Thumbwheels / wingnuts Stainless Steel

Stainless Steel Thumbwheels and stainless steel wingnuts..

16.00€ Ex Tax: 13.01€